from 1996 to 1997 by 2.18% to 26,558 million kWh in the case of gas and by 1.24% to 12,378 million kWh in the case of electric current. Consumption of coals and fuel oils reduced in the same period by 9.8% to 17,424.2 million kWh.


Cultural and educational policies are within the competencies of the federal states of Germany. However, the federal government exerts coordinating functions providing for framework and financing laws. The German educational system therefore varies to some extent from state to state. The mandatory education period is 9 (in several states, 10) years of school attendance.

In 1999, 935,000 pupils finished school education, with the following breakdown (7):

With no qualification 8%

After successful elementary school 25%

Realschule (intermediate level) 40%

With admission to university or technical college (Ing.) 27%

Table 8. Agricultural Production, 1997
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