candela per square meter (cd/m3)

3.183 X 103

league (British nautical)

meter (m)

5.559 X 103

league (statute)

meter (m)

4.828 X 103

light year

meter (m)

9.461 X 1015

liter (for fluids only)

cubic meter (m3)

1.0 X 10-3t


weber (Wb)

1.0 X 10_8t


meter (m)

1.0 X 10~6t


meter (m)

2.54 X 10"Bt

mile (statute)

meter (m)

1.609 X 103

mile (U.S. nautical)

meter (m)

1.852 X 103t

mile per hour

meter per second (m/s)

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