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Figure 11. Aerobic plate counts (colony forming units/cm2) for carcasses processed by a traditional dressing system and by an inverted dressing system in the same meat plant (n = 105 for each system).

Figure 10. Automatic head splitting and brain extraction machine.

discharged in a stunned state ready for sticking and further processing. There has been some criticism of C02 stunning of pigs, and this has been directed mainly toward the excitation phase that occurs after approximately 10 s exposure to the gas. In this phase, pigs tend to throw their heads and legs about with violent movements. It seems that no stunning method meets all the demands regarding meat quality, animal welfare, and worker safety. C02 stunning seems, however, to be one method that has potential for further development. Other stunning methods, such as the use of microwave energy, are also being assessed.

Table 3. Potential Chain Manning for Mechanized Lamb Slaughter and Dressing, Processing Eight Animals per Minute


Auto stun

Shackle, open, bleed

Auto neck break

Head cheek, remove

Y cut, push flap

Clear neck, lift shanks

Auto wide to narrow transfer

Auto front hock remover

Load brisket clearer

Pull brisket piece, Y-cut rear legs

Load shoulder puller

Clear breaks, punch tunnels

Auto final puller

Trim anus

Auto rear hock remover

Auto wash

Auto brisket cut





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