Figure 2. Predicted solubility of orange essential oil in C02 according to PR and SRK equations of state. Source: Experimental solubility determined by Santana (Ref. 19) at 308.15 K.—Calculated using orange essential oil molar composition determined by Marques (Ref. 18);—Calculated using orange essential oil molar composition determined by Santana (Ref. 19).

PR and SRK equations of state. The calculations were done using the oil with the composition given in Table 2(18) and the composition given in Table 3 (19).

Experimental data on the physical properties of essential oil components is scarce in the literature. In addition, many of these substances are thermally degraded before Tc can be measured. Therefore, Tc, Pc, and acentric factor (w) used in equations 8 and 9 were predicted. The choice of methods to be used in these calculations depends on the available experimental data on pure components. The binary parameters used are given in Table 4 (16). For binary systems (orange essential oil component/C02 or essential oil component/essential oil component) where experimental data is missing, interaction parameters were set equal to zero. This choice does not imply that there is no interaction or that the interaction are negligible between these binary systems, but this simplifying assumption was required to make the problem solvable.

Although the orange essential oil used by Marques (18) and Santana (19) have different compositions, their calculated solubilities did not differ much from the experimental value measured by Santana (19), as can be observed in Figure 2. The PR and SRK equations gave similar solubility values. In this case, the calculated solubilities were not sensitive to the initial oil composition. The

Table 2. Molar Composition of Orange Essential Oil Determined by Marques (18) and Pure Component Properties
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