"Incorporating all of the automated operations listed in Table 3.

"Incorporating all of the automated operations listed in Table 3.

Figure 1. Automatic stunner for sheep.

The MIRINZ inverted dressing system, combined with the pelt removal machines developed by MIRINZ, yields pelts of a quality at least as good as those from traditional manual systems. Over the years, various types of hand tools have been developed to aid the removal of the pelt from the sternum or brisket. Recently, MIRINZ has developed a brisket clearing machine (Fig. 5) that simplifies brisket processing, particularly with inverted dressing systems.

MIRINZ has also developed machines to automatically remove the front and rear hocks from carcasses (Figs. 6

Figure 2. Rotary pelter.

and 7). For transferring the forelegs from the wide spreader to the narrow hock holder, a special wide-to-narrow transfer machine was also produced (Fig. 8). The narrow hock holder grips both the radius and ulna bones of the forelegs. Therefore, the front hocks (or trotters) can be removed without losing carcass support. If the front trotters are removed before removing the pelt, the potential for the front trotters to contaminate the carcass is eliminated.

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