Regional Groupings

IUFoST has several regional groupings whose constitutions and purposes are consistent with those of the Union, and whose programs are specifically oriented to the interests of their regions. These include: The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST); The Federation of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA—southeast Asia); the Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa Association of Food Science and Technology (ECSAFoST); and the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology (ALACCTA).

Union Committees

The Executive Committee is comprised of the IUFoST officers, including the immediate past president, as ex officio members, and seven members elected by delegates to the General Assembly from among their number. The Executive Committee is empowered to execute the policies of the General Assembly, and to act for it in conducting the affairs of the Union between Assembly meetings. It approves budgets and major activities, selects the time and place of international congresses and meetings, and acts on applications from new adhering bodies. Insofar as possible, the Executive Committee meets in developing countries timed to coincide with locally organized scientific events. This allows for a broader international participation and provides speakers without incurring additional costs to the conference organizers.

The Finance Committee provides advice on financial matters and appropriate control procedures and recommends the selection of outside auditors.

The Congress Advisory Committee serves as consultant to the organizing committee of the country sponsoring an international congress.

The Scientific Activities Committee plans, organizes, and sponsors symposia, conferences, and other scientific programs in keeping with IUFoST objectives, often in association with other interested organizations. IUFoST symposia, typically three or four per year, have been held on a wide variety of topics including food safety, sensory evaluation, food biotechnology, food composition, nutritional quality, and preservation technology.

The International Liaison Committee works for cooperation between IUFoST and other international organizations. It has been active in helping to meet the needs of developing countries, especially in Africa where it has successfully promoted the establishment of ECSAFoST, mentioned earlier.

In 1995 the General Assembly established the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. Election as a Fellow of the Academy honors those throughout the world who have made outstanding contributions to the field.

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