quate has been made. These are listed in Table 2. This figure is based on data extrapolated from animal studies and on data collected from human population studies. These studies of healthy humans may have included analysis of the food consumed as part of a regular diet and, where possible, tissue analysis. Blood values, especially those indicators of anemia; hair values; urine analysis; and fecal analysis may have been included as items in an epidemiological study. Although hair and blood analysis can reveal mineral nutrition status, these analyses are not without problems. The difficulty in using these analyses is that the mineral content can be transient—that is, blood levels of trace minerals represent the immediate mineral intake rather than long-term exposure, and hair mineral content can represent not only food or drink minerals but also airborne minerals. Hair minerals can be contaminated by shampoos and hair treatments such as coloring, bleaching, curling agents, and conditioning agents.

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