Advanced Systems Concepts Directorate (ASCD)

Adverse reaction monitoring system (ARMS)


Aeration, aquaculture

Aerobic plate count


Aeromonas hydrophia

Aerosol containers

Affinity column

Affluence, nutrition-related diseases Aflatoxins

Africanized honeybees (AHBs)

African saffron


Agaricus mushrooms Agglomerated cereals Agglomerated powders Agglomeration caking coffee equipment fluid-bed agglomeration mechanism methods spray-bed dryer agglomeration spray dryers undesired Agglutination assay Aging, meat

Agitated batch (in-container) heating Agitated thin film evaporator Agitation, hydrogenation and Aglycones

AgResearch (New Zealand Pastoral Agriculture Research Institute Ltd.) Agriculture See also Crops; Food crops fumigants

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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