Shredded breakfast cereals 205

Shrimp 2153

flavor 2155

microbiology 765

processing 787

Shucked oysters 2150

Sieve tray 513

Signal crayfish 1498

Silicon dioxide, as colorant 403

Silicone antifoams 845

Silver, as colorant 403

Simplesse 750

Simple sugars 262

Simulation, thermal processing 2317

Sinapic acids 72

Single-cell protein 2612

Single-culture fermentation 915

Single radial immunodiffusion 1348

Single-stage dryers 560

Singlet oxygen 78

Single whisky 539

Skipjack tuna 831

^-Skytanthine 30 Slaughter. See Animal slaughter

Slender tuna 831

Slendid 750

Slivovitz 527 Smell aromatherapy 118

sexual arousal and 81

Smelt 829

Smoked eels 590

Smoked fish 766 794

Smoked turkey breast 1971

Smoking (of foods) 72 957

meat 1570 1579

poultry 1969

sausage 2071

Snack foods additives extrusion cooking from egg packaging peanuts seasonings Snow crab

Society of Soft Drink Technologists

Sockeye salmon


See also Carbonated beverages Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP), as antimicrobial Sodium alginate Sodium aluminum sulfate Sodium benzoate, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bisulfite, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium chloride as antimicrobial in foods encapsulated Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) Sodium hypochlorite, as disinfectant Sodium lactate, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium metabisulfite, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium nitrite, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium sulfite, as antimicrobial in foods Sodium tripolyphosphate (SHMP), as antimicrobial Soft cheese Soft drink industry

See also Carbonated beverages Soft drinks

See also Carbonated beverages Soft margarine Soft pretzels Soft red winter wheat Soft ripened cheese Soft wheat flour

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