Mamey 1165

Management issues, decision making 1001

Mandarin oranges 1155

Mandarins 1155

Mangos 1165

Mangosteens 1166

Mannitol 2211 2244

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) 406

Maple syrup 2265 2278

Maraschino cherries 181 1158

Margarine 456 1521

additives in 853

as emulsion 602

fats in 754 1522

Finland 1391

history 1521

ingredients 1522

lecithin in 1463 1523

manufacture 1265 1524

monodiglycerides in 607

quality assurance 1524

regulation 1522

Margetine 28

Marine enzymes 1525

Marine oils 722 723

Marjoram 2200 Marketing carbonated beverages 176

Muslim dietary laws and 1683

United States Food Marketing System 2701

Marketing research 938

Marmalade 1149

Marshmallow, manufacture 1266 1268

Mash filter 161 Mashing beer brewing 159

for distilled beverage spirits 529

Massaging, meat processing 1567

Mass transfer 195 1538 1543

Masticatory substance

Materials handling, food plant design

Mating. See Reproduction

Matrix solid-phase dispersion (mspd) techniques, antibiotics in foods

Maturing agents


Maximum tolerated dose (MTD)




Meals, animal by-product processing

Meat. See also Meat processing; Meat products; Meat science; Processed meat products

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