Figure 8. Packaged distillation system during fabrication.

tomer's request and were trucked 600 miles to the job site without problems. Final size of the package was 65' X 12'

The packaged approach proved to be beneficial in a number of ways. Factory fabrication and installation of piping was far more economical than field finishing, while erection time for the system was reduced considerably with significant savings in local labor costs.

An alternative approach for larger systems is the fabrication of equipment modules. For one large batch-distillation unit, the column itself can be supplied as one module, the batch tank and reboiler as the second, and the heat exchangers, decanter, pumps, and auxiliary items as the third. This modular construction before shipment was successful despite the fact that the batch tank was more than 8 ft in diameter.

For systems involving columns in excess of 6-ft diameter, prepackaging generally is not feasible. Components of such systems normally have to be installed and piped at the job site.

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