Widow rockfish — Spotted sea trout Pacific cod Ling cod — Walleye pollock — Weakfish Yellowtail rockfish — Goosefish, north —


Southern kingfish J I—1 Red snapper —J Atlantic salmon —| Spanish mackerel Sockeye salmon Chinook salmon — Red drum — Bluefish — Coho salmon King mackerel — Dolphin — Pollock Alaska placie Crevalle jack — Pacific hallibut — Red porgy — Great barracuda —* Swordfish -■ Atlantic croaker —r Spot —1 Pink salmon — Chum salmon — American shad — Striped mullet ~~—" Longspine porgy

Dover sole ~|~*| Southern flounder — |~~ Vermillion snapper —' English sole —T~ Sand sole -1

Rescaled distance cluster combine

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