ity will also exhibit variability. Therefore, monitoring of finished product quality versus some standard is practiced in most processing plants.

Potato-chip color can be either subjectively or objectively evaluated. Subjective methods generally use color photographs of chips to which sample chips can be visually compared. Objective methods, such as spectrophometric instruments, use measurement of light reflected from the finished chip material. Visual comparison to photographs is common in French-fry processing. French fries are also checked against a cut-length standard by sorting the sample. Sensory analyses of finished product samples are conducted to monitor flavor, texture, and appearance.

Oil content of fried products is determined via rapid methods such as refractometry or slower methods such as Soxhlet extraction. The oil content of chips and French fries will vary according to raw product dry-matter content, cut sizes, fry times, and temperatures, but it will normally range from 30 to 45% by weight in chips and from 4 to 7% in partial fried French fries.

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