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"Cost in cents/lb on a cost per sucrose equivalent basis.

"Cost in cents/lb on a cost per sucrose equivalent basis.

as part of an investigation on the bitter tastes of citrus flavonoid glycosides, made a surprising observation (60). Based on a model of bitter taste structure-activity relationships they were developing in the early 1960s, they predicted that naringin dihydrochalcone would be bitter like naringin, the bitter constituent of grapefruit rinds. Naringin dihydrochalcone was then synthesized, and the USDA investigators were astonished to find it to be sweet. Subsequent studies, initiated in attempt to optimize the properties of sweeteners of this type, resulted in the identification of NDC (7) as the preferred product candidate. Neohesperidin, the flavanone glycoside precursor of 7, occurs naturally in the Seville orange. NDC and other related sweeteners have been reviewed (61).

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The Sugar Solution

The Sugar Solution

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