loric; those based on starch and protein provide 4 kcal/g.

2. Low-calorie fats include products such as caprenin and salatrim, both of which provide 5 kcal/g. They are metabolized more like carbohydrate and are rapidly used as energy rather than stored as fat.

3. Fat replacers, substitutes, or analogs are similar to fats and oils in function and in sensory properties. Theoretically, they can replace fat on a one-to-one weight basis. Generally, they are heat stable and can be used for frying. Fat replacers provide 0 to 3 kcal/g. Olestra is a zero-calorie fat replacer.


Table 5. Most Popular Reduced-Fat Products


Percentage of adult Americans who consume

Skim or low-fat milk

Salad dressings/sauces/mayonnaise


Chips/snack foods

Meat products

Ice cream/frozen desserts

Cakes/baked goods

Dinner entrees


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Fantastic Organic Food Facts

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