60 days

• Improved slicing properties without crumbling.

• Smooth melting without phase separation.

• Flavor ranges depending on the cheese used.

• Can control organoleptic and physical properties.

• Versatile in use attributes (cooking cheese, dips, sauces, snacks, etc).

• Shelf stability (nonrefrigeration, fixed properties).

• Can take on various shapes and forms.

Basic Emulsification Systems for Cheese Processing Citrates

• Trisodium citrate (most common, used for slices).

• Tripotassium citrate (used in reduced-sodium formulations, promotes bitterness).

• Calcium citrate (poor emulsification).


• Disodium phosphate and trisodium phosphate (most common, used for loaf and slices).

• Sodium aluminum phosphate (used in slices).

• Dicalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate (poor emulsification, used for calcium ion fortification).

• Monosodium phosphate (acid taste, open texture).

Table 4.

Manufacturers' Sales of Cheese

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