"Feed conversion = pounds of feed/1 lb of live weight

"Feed conversion = pounds of feed/1 lb of live weight price. Therefore, effort was made to breed birds with a higher yield of white breast meat. The broad-breasted breed that was developed in England in the 1930s with no major impact on that market became a huge success in the United States and Canada. The wider skeletal structure allows larger breast muscles to be developed in a 40-lb torn. The huge breasts prevent the toms from mating, and artificial insemination is needed. Larger breast muscles can be further developed. However, to achieve this, selection for strains with good leg strength must occur simultaneously.

3. Uniformity. The need for uniform carcass size is most important for the meat processor, because the processing line and especially the evisceration machine cannot be adjusted to large differences in bird size. Breeding and management techniques are able to control size variation, although not to perfection.

4. Appearance. The external appearance of a processed whole bird is a key parameter for consumer acceptance and for marketing promotion. During processing, scalding and mechanical feather plucking can provide the desired appearance. However, small black feathers (pinfeathers) and black pigment spots on the follicles can strongly downgrade appearance due to their strong contrast with the yellowish white skin. Breeding of white-feathered turkeys solved this problem.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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