temperature difference between the coolant and the object to be cooled, the rates of heat transfer tend to be higher than for mechanical refrigeration systems, in which the refrigeration temperature is higher, and the volumetric heat capacity of the secondary refrigerant is lower. Refrigeration systems are capable of providing a large range of cooling rate capabilities for products to be frozen. The design of a refrigeration system should take into account the length of the operating season, the refrigeration load, the amplitude of fluctuations in this load, the buildup of frost on the evaporator surfaces and the need to remove it to maintain cooling efficiency, the target temperatures, and the cooling medium of choice. Other factors to be considered are the type of refrigeration, capital cost, and ease of maintenance (13,14). The characteristics of the product often determine the most appropriate freezing system for the product. The next section describes the freezing process within a product and its dependence on the external cooling conditions and the characteristics of the product.

Anti-Aging Report

Anti-Aging Report

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