the high sodium chloride content. If the salt level could be lowered, some of the problems related to sodium would be lessened and consumption probably would increase. Therefore, further studies should be conducted to find new flavoring materials to replace salt.

SUFU History

Manufacture of tofu (unfermented soybean curd) began during the era of the Han dynasty. The Pen Ts'ao, or Chinese Materia, of 1596, compiled by Li Shi-Chin, indicated that tofu was invented by Liu An (179 B.C. to 122 S.C.), king of Wainan. It is not known when sufu production began (16). Sufu is produced and consumed in China and Taiwan. It is used directly as a condiment or is cooked with vegetables or meats. Because of its creamy texture, it is suitable for use as a cracker spread or as an ingredient for dips and dressings in the Western world (16,17).


The preparation of sufu consists of five steps: (1) preparation of tofu, (2) preparation of pehtze (freshly prepared tofu grown with the mold) (3) salting, (4) processing, and (5) aging. A flow sheet for preparation of sufu is shown in Figure 3 (16,18,19).

Preparation of Tofu. Soybeans are washed, soaked overnight in water, and ground with water to a milky slurry. A water-to-bean ratio of 10:1 is common. The ground slurry is boiled or steamed and filtered to separate soy milk. A coagulant such as calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, or sea salt (about 2.5-3.5% of dry weight of soybean) is added to the hot soy milk. Generally, 20% higher weight of coagulant is used to produce tofu for sufu preparation than that used for regular tofu. After the addition of coagulant to the soy milk, the mixture is agitated vigorously to break the curd into small pieces. The agitated mixture is set aside for 10 min to complete the coagulation process. The coagulated material is referred to as tofu. Tofu is separated from the whey by filtering and pressing the coagulated mixture. Pressing is done in a cloth-lined box to form firm

Soybeans 1

Washing 1

Soaking 1

Milling ยป

Soy milk 1

Soy curd

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