Heat exchangers 1227 2310

aseptic processing 124

fouling 1231

paraflow 1237

plate vs. tubular 1246

principles 1228

scraped surface 1254

Heath trays 108 109 Heating. See also Thermal processing aseptic processing system 123

ohmic heating 128

Heat penetration, in thermal processing 2316 Heat processing. See Thermal processing

Heat-recovery equipment, dryers 563 565

Heat resistance, thermal processing 2314

Heat transfer 1271

blanching 195

freeze drying 1108

in thermal processing 2315

in thermal sterilization 2323

Heat-transfer coefficient, evaporators 680 Heat treatment. See Thermal processing

Heavy filth 758

Helminths, foodborne disease 1844

Hemagglutination assay 1347

Hemanatto 922

Hemicelluloses 754

Hemlock 34

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) 1085

Hemorrhagic colitis (HC) 1084

Hepatitis, shellfish consumption 771 1088

Herbal teas 2303 Herbs. See Spices

Hermodactyl 28

Herrings 821 1537

Heterocyclic amines 2349

Hexachlorophene, as disinfectant 505

HGMF (hydrophobic grid membrane filter) 1091 1622

High blood pressure 7

High erucic acid oil High-fiber diets

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) High-intensity sweeteners Highly corrosive foodstuffs High-methoxyl (HM) pectins High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) amino acid analysis mycotoxins High-potency sweeteners High-pressure processing (HPP) High-temperature preservation High wines Hiproly Hires root beer Histamine

Histamine poisoning Histidine-derived alkaloids HM pectin

Hogs, livestock production Holding time

Hold tube, aseptic processing Homoaporphines Homogenization ice cream and frozen desserts milk theories of Homogenizers applications description history homogenizing valve operation testing Homogenizing valve Homoharringtonine Honey Honeybees

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