Electrical conductivity, of particulate food products

Electrical stimulation, meat

Electric hygrometer

Electroconductive blanching

Electrodialysis (ED)


Electromagnetic radiation, nondestructive quality evaluation with

Electron microscopy


ELFA (enzyme-linked fluorescent immunoassay) ELISA (enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay)

Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award (IFT)



Elymoclavine Embryo transfer

Embryo transplantation, livestock production Emetine

Emmentaler cheese

Employee safety. See Worker safety Emu

Emulsifiable concentrates (EC) Emulsifiers amphoteric anionic cationic gelatin government regulation ice cream lecithin

Muslim dietary laws nonionic process cheese quality defects uses Emulsifier salt

Emulsifying properties, hydrophobicity and

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