try in Germany: slowly increasing turnover, slowly decreasing number of employees, and almost constant total payroll. The export share (foreign turnover divided by total turnover, Table 10) has steadily increased from 8.9% in 1993 to 11.1% in 1997. This is a small figure compared to 33.2% export share of the total producing industry, but there is considerable variation among the different sectors of food industry (Table 10). The value of imports was 71,534 million DM in 1996; the value of exports was in the same year 41,939 million DM. Over the last five years imports and exports slowly grew at the same rate.

The percentage of payroll in the total turnover of food industry (1996) was low (10.9%) compared with the producing industry of other branches (18.5%), whereas the

Table 6. General Structural and Economic Data of Germany, 1995 and 1997
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