"Include by-products used in animal feeds.

"Include by-products used in animal feeds.

tion amounted to 575,000 t and white bread 622,000 t. A unique feature of the grain products industry is the fact that corn products produced from white corn make up such a high proportion. This is because corn porridge is a popular food among the majority of the population. Yellow corn is primarily used in the animal feed industry, as is grain sorghum, although a substantial portion is also utilized to brew traditional sorghum beer.

Sugar Products

In 1995, 2.2 million t of sugar was produced, of which 60% was refined, 3.5% was golden brown, and 13.5% was exported as raw sugar. In the same year chocolates, sugar confectionery, and cocoa amounted to 136,000 t (Table 4).

Oils, Fats, and Fish Products

The production of oils and fats in 1995 amounted to 1.34 million t (Table 4), of which 10%was manufactured into margarine and 20% into edible oils and fats. Fish products for human consumption equaled 234,000 t, of which 25% were canned fish, 28% frozen fish, and 2.5% frozen crayfish. In contrast to many countries, the per capita consumption of fish compared with that of red and white meat is low (<15%).

Fruit and Vegetable Products

The total production of fruit and vegetable products in 1995 was 804,000 t (Table 4). Of this, jams amounted to 30,7001, canned fruit and fruit salad 183,7851, fruit juices and drinks 418,400 kL, and canned and frozen vegetables 150,185 t. The industry is expanding rapidly, with a growth rate of 5% per year.

Dairy and Meat Products

The combined production of manufactured products in 1995 amounted to 327,000 t (Table 4). Dairy products con sisted of 9.5% butter, 24% cheeses, 25% condensed and powdered milk, and 36% ice cream and related products. Centralization in the dairy industry resulted in the virtual control of the market by four companies. Meat products consisted of 8% bacon, 4.5% ham, 8% patties, 29% polony, and 28% sausage types. As with the dairy industry, the largest proportion of the manufactured meat industry is controlled by three companies. From a consumption point of view, South Africans eat much more fresh meat than meat products.

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