when ingested, is poisonous because cyanide is released. Parboiling in water leaches the compound to render the shoots nontoxic (2). Green bamboo shoots and the winter shoots of P. edulis are not bitter because they are harvested before they emerge from the soil surface. Both shoots can be directly cooked with other food without precooking.

In Taiwan, shoots ofD. latiflorus Munro, which are much larger in size, are used for canning or fermentation, fewer go to fresh market. Canned bamboo shoots are mainly for export and the amount is decreased year on year due to high labor cost. Dried fermented shoots are prepared from fresh bamboo shoots of ca 1 m long, the green portion is removed before processing. After blanching and fermenting for about one month the shoots are sun dried and sliced (Fig. 6). The final product has a crispy, tender texture and good flavor from the lactic acid fermentation (12).

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