catalytic breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by beef liver cat-alase uncovered the nonlinearity in an Arrhenium plot (In k vs 1 IT) as shown in Figure 3 (25). The effect of temperature on the rate of production of penicillin with Penicillium chrysogenum was reported to show a similar effect (Fig. 4). (26). The data points on these two figures fall into two groups, one of which is related to the activation of the sub-strate(s) and the enzyme molecules (catalase, or other enzymes in the cell of P. chrysogenum), while the other is indicative of the inactivation of the enzyme or the cell at higher temperature range. The maximum of the roughly bell-shaped curve of Figure 3 and the intercept of the two lines in Figure 4 are corresponding to the critical temperatures causing the denaturation of the enzyme (53°C for catalase) and the inactivation of the cell activity. In studying activation energies for biological or biochemical reactions, care must be taken to avoid such high temperatures. It has

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