Geraniol Linalool oxides Linalool Nerolidol ci's-jasmone



Benzyl alcohol cis-3-hexenyl hexanoate

5,6-epoxy-/?-ionone l-pentene-3-al

1-terpineol c/s-3-hexene-l-ol Acetylpyrrole

2-phenylethanol cîs-pentene-1-ol Pentane-l-ol

there is little or no cream formation from beverage-strength extracts.

Manufacture is most often a cottage industry involving a series of withering, gentle rolling, and drying steps what vary greatly from facility to facility. Sun drying is often utilized as the first step. Appearance of leaf is considered an important aspect of quality. Hand labor is often utilized.

Composition of Oolong Tea

The color of oolong tea is intermediate between that of green and black teas, and to some extent its composition reflects a similar relationship. Residual catechin levels vary with the intensity and duration of the oxidation processes. There is little or no theaflavin or thearubigin. It is interesting to note, however, that there are also substances present that have not been found in either green or black teas. These may represent intermediates on the oxidative pathways that would lead to theaflavins or thearubigins on further oxidation or end products only formed under the gentle oxidation conditions prevailing because of less-severe cell disruption. These conditions result in lower qui-none concentrations that may favor different oxidative pathways.

Components of oolong teas include several theasinen-sins and their oxidation products, known as oolongthea-nins and oolonghomobisflavans (methylene-bridged bisfla-vanols) (70,71).

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