1991 (Jan.)

3.56 (13.50)

and Firearms, Department of the Treasury, which succeeded the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division (ATTD) of the Internal Revenue Service in July 1972. (The ATTD was called the Alcohol Tax Unit from the repeal of prohibition to 1952.) This organization's enforcement agents are charged with the responsibility of eliminating illicit operations.

Prior to Prohibition, revenue agents and deputy collectors investigated illegal liquor operations, made arrests, seizures, etc, along with income tax and other miscellaneous work. On January 16,1920, the effective date of Prohibition, federal prohibition agents took over the duties. An act of Congress created the Bureau of Prohibition in the Treasury Department on April 1,1927. The Prohibition Reorganization Act, effective July 1, 1930, terminated the Bureau of Prohibition and created the Bureau of Industrial Alcohol in the Treasury Department, responsible for the permissive provisions of the act, and the Bureau of Prohibition in the Department of Justice, responsible for the enforcement of the penal provisions of the National Prohibition Act. These two were merged on December 6,1933, as the Alcohol Tax Unit, Internal Revenue Department, and on March 15, 1952 it was named the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

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