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maintain a wetted surface on the cylinder, not all of the refrigerant is allowed to evaporate. The combination of gas and liquid is carried over into a surge tank, where the phases are separated and the liquid recycled to the bottom of the jacket. Liquid level is maintained by a valve that allows more liquid to enter the surge tank to replace that which has been evaporated.

One advantage of the flooded arrangement as illustrated in Figure 8 is the incorporation of a quick shutoff valve for instant stop/instant start. Although the valve is open during normal operation, it may be closed when a freeze-up is imminent or the operator want to stop cooling. Since the vapor cannot go up and out, it expands and rapidly pushes the liquid refrigerant down and away from the cylinder. When liquid no longer touches the cylinder and the surface no longer is wetted, all freezing stops. To restart the process, the valve is opened and with liquid quickly filling the jacket area, freezing begins again.

The primary advantage of the SSHE over other types of heat-transfer equipment is its ability to accommodate product viscosities of 500,000 cP and higher and to handle particulates up to 1 inch (26 mm) in size provided that they are not shear-sensitive. Where the product undergoes a major change of state, ie, liquid to gel, or of viscosity as occurs during cooling, the SSHE often is used as a finisher for either the heating or cooling mode in conjunction with other methods of heat transfer.

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