Odors found that consistently increased penile blood flow were those of food. If odors can increase penile blood flow, the ramifications extend beyond mere aphrodisiacs. Might odors be used to treat vasculogenic impotence, as in diabetics? Or if an odor could be found that decreases penile blood flow, might it be used to treat sexual deviants, such as pedophiles, as part of their aversion training?

In a homologous manner, odors' effect on women's sexual arousal were tested with results summarized in Table 2. Several questions remain as to why food odors enhance female sexual arousal. Possible mechanisms by which odors can induce female sexual arousal include Pavlovian conditioned response olfactory-evoked nostalgia, or physiological. Odors may act to induce the Pavlovian conditioned response (69) and may act to release sexual instincts or basic appetites for hedonic experiences including sexual arousal. Alternatively, there may be a conditioning response to the smell of food if this was something that frequently preceded enjoyable sexual experiences in the past, that induced arousal. Hence, in a conditioned response paradigm, reintroduction to food may induce the phenomena of sexual arousal. It's likely it is smell rather than the taste that elicits this response since approximately 90% of taste is actually smell (76). By eating food prior to sexual arousal, the women were primarily experiencing smell rather than taste, thus odors acted as the conditioning stimulus. Presentation of these odors may

Average change in vaginal blood flow (%)

Change in vaginal blood flow (%)

Good and Plenty and cucumber Baby powder

Pumpkin pie and lavender Baby powder and chocolate Perfume Cologne

Good and Plenty Charcoal barbeque meat Cherry

Women who find masturbation extremely arousing

Good and Plenty and banana nut bread Good and Plenty and cucumber Perfume

Women who find masturbation not arousing or repulsive

Baby powder

Pumpkin pie and lavender Good and Plenty

Women who are positively aroused by genital finger manipulation by a partner

Good and Plenty and cucumber Pumpkin pie and lavender

Women who are not aroused or are inhibited by finger manipulation by a partner

Perfume -14

Good and Plenty and cucumber -13

Women who are not usually multiorgasmie in sexual encounters with partner

Baby powder

Women who are usually multiorgasmie in sexual encounters with partner

Baby powder

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