Dextrose crystallization

portant factor. Since Hydrol usually sells for a small fraction of the price of dextrose, optimizing process yield also has a meaningful impact on profits. Nearly eliminating the concomitant production of Hydrol by enzymatic mother liquor reconversion has been shown to provide a double-digit profit increase (27).

The price of dextrose monohydrate since 1975 is given in Table 6. Although demand, processing capacity, and production costs no doubt exert some effect on pricing, dextrose price has averaged about 95% of sucrose price on a dry basis for the period 1975 to 1996. Compared to dextrose monohydrate, anhydrous dextrose sells at a premium; prices in early 1989 were $1.12/kg (50 cents/lb) for anhydrous dextrose and $1.21/kg (55 cents/lb) for USP anhydrous dextrose.

Analysis and Specifications

The United States and international specifications for crystalline dextrose are given in References 29 to 32, re-

Table 6. Wholesale List Prices for Some Starch Sugars in the United States ($/kg db)



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