Chiku 1167

Child Nutrition Act 1100 Children enteral feeding for 636

malnourished 1299

Chili peppers 2198 2199 Chilled foods 337 distribution 342 European market 337 338 Japanese market 337 338 legislation 346 microbiology 344 packaging 341 processing 339 quality control 345 shelf life 346 storage temperature 343

in United States 337

Chilled Foods Association 347 Chilling, techniques 341 Chilling injury food spoilage 1030 fruits and vegetables 902 906 China, ethnic foods of 446 447 Chinook salmon 826

Chironjas 1154 Chitin, films of 591 Chitosan, films of 581

Chitosan-lauric acid films 582 Chloramines, as disinfectant 502

Chlorhexidine, as disinfectant 405 Chlorine, as disinfectant 502 1040 Chlorine dioxide, as disinfectant 502

Chlorogenic acid 2342 2344 Chlorophyll 391 883 Chlorophyllide 391

Chloroplasts 1886 Chocolate 348 alkaloids in 350

Chocolate (Continued) economic aspects emulsifiers in lecithin in nutritional properties spoilage Chocolate liquor Chocolate malt Chokeberries

Cholecystokinin (CCK), satiety agent Cholera Cholesterol cardiovascular disease and fats in fats and oils ice cream and frozen deserts meat metabolism Cholesterol esterase Choline

Chopping, meat Chromatography Chronic bee paralysis

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), enteral feeding for

Chronic wasting disease

Chum salmon





Cinchona alkaloids Cinnamaldehyde Cinnamic acid

Cinnamic aldehyde, antimicrobial activity Cinnamon

Circular dichroism (CD), protein structure

Circular raceways


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