Table 3. Advantages and Limitations of MAP in Chilled Foods



Shelf-life extension

Restrict growth of aerobic organisms

Delays growth of some facultative organisms May improve flavor Adjunct to other processes

Does not inactivate pathogens or prevent growth Shelf-life extension depends on initial population of microorganisms

Requires more costly packaging Can lead to lower line speeds Does not control the growth of lactic acid bacteria storage. Refrigerated display units may be configured in a variety of ways, and the most common types are freestanding bins without doors and upright shelf units with protective glass doors. Several sources have noted that retail display is the aspect of distribution in which a control of storage conditions is most lacking (9). Proposed regulations in the United States are more stringent in that the temperature requirement has been lowered from 6 to 4°C for refrigerated storage of chilled products. The goal of this regulation if to provide a greater margin of safety and quality to chilled products, which should benefit both the consumer and the processing company.

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