specific foods. Foods derived from living tissue are of extremely variable composition. The concentration of any nutrient is affected by horticultural, genetic, harvesting, handling, storage, and distribution factors. Furthermore, chemical analytical procedures may not correlate with the biological activity of available nutrients in the food.

Functional and Conformational Data

Foods and food ingredients are selected not only on the basis of nutritional content but for their functional and conformational attributes, which include toughness and tenderness; fiber content; style of cut; color and surface appearance; odor and flavor; microbial content; defects and extraneous matter; adaptability to freezing or heat treatment; genetic and varietal factors; geographical or regional production area; date of production (vintage); portion of plant or animal used; method of preservation; key ingredients; emulsifying capacity; water-binding capacity; and foaming capacity.

Nutrition For Kids

Nutrition For Kids

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