ble than the free forms of the corresponding amino acids. The sodium salts of amino acids are also easily soluble compared with the free forms of amino acids.

The solubility of an amino acid tends to increase when there are lower levels of inorganic substances present, and it gradually decreases when there are higher levels of inorganic substances present. This tendency is similar to the salt-out effect on the solubility of protein, which is the change in the molecular form caused by the formation of molecular compounds between amino acids and inorganic substances. By varying the concentration of ammonium sulfate, the solubility of cystine increases at low levels of ammonium sulfate and decreases when the ionic strength is increased. When amino acids exist together, the solubility of each amino acid increases.

In organic solvents, almost all amino acids, except amino acid, proline, or hydroxyproline, are sparingly soluble. Proline is soluble up to 1.6 g/dL in ethanol at 20°C.

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