-Board or plate

Board or plate

-Board or plate

Figure 5. Pathways of air in a trailer equipped with a bottom-forced-air-supply system and a T-section floor.

Administration procedures must be efficient to avoid delays in cargo clearance. Completion of landside operations needs to be in time to prevent damage to the products.


The volumes of refrigerated cargo moved by rail varies greatly between various parts of the world. New Zealand and Australia have established routes for containers as part of an intermodal system. In the United States there are several routes where containers are stacked two high, giving improved utilization and cost economy.

Deregulation of rail freight services in many countries should lead in the future to more container movements by rail (10). The popularity of the hicube (9 ft 6 in) high container offers a challenge to the older rail systems with height limits. Special low loader flatbeds are being manufactured to contain them.

The former Soviet Union makes much use of refrigerated rail wagons. Trailers are carried on flat wagons in some areas. The Channel Tunnel between England and France requires fast trains that can carry complete road tractors and trailers. This quick drive on and off system has proved to be popular and efficient.

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