MAP of nonrespiring products include nylon/PE, nylon/ PVDC/PE, EVA/EVOH/EVA, and nylon/EVOH/PE, all high-gas barrier structures. These composite structures have the desired characteristics for gas packaging of non-respiring products, specifically strength, provided by the layer of gas and moisture-vapor impermeability (EVOH, PVDC, or nylon), and heat sealability, usually provided byPE.

For fruits and vegetables, the selection of the correct package material has been even more challenging for the packaging technologist because of the dynamic nature of the product. The ideal package material for gas packaging of fruits and vegetables must be able to keep a balance of low 02 concentration (3-5%) within the package headspace and prevent buildup of high C02 concentrations (10-20%). Packaging films commonly used to achieve this balance include metallocene PE, EVA, and polypropylene.

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