fThis non-SI unit is recognized by the CIPM as having to be retained because of practical importance or use in specialized fields (1).

In addition, there are 16 prefixes used to indicate order of magnitude, as follows:

Multiplication factor Prefix Symbol

1018 exa E

1015 peta P

1012 tera T

109 giga G

106 mega M

103 kilo k

102 hecto ha

10-1 deci da

10"2 centi ca

10"3 milli m

10"6 micro n

10-9 nano n

10"12 pico p

10"15 femto f

10"18 atto a

"Although hecto, deka, deci, and centi are SI prefixes, their use should be avoided except for SI unit-multiples for area and volume and nontechnical use of centimeter, as for body and clothing measurement.

For a complete description of SI and its use the reader is referred to ASTM E380 (4).

A representative list of conversion factors from non-SI to SI units is presented herewith. Factors are given to four significant figures. Exact relationships are followed by a dagger. A more complete list is given in the latest editions of ASTM E380 (4) and ANSI Z210.1 (6).

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