vending machines, etc.

product on the store shelves. Heating and cooling energy is recycled to minimize waste. Packaging materials are recycled, solid waste is minimized, and liquid wastes are pre-treated before release to municipal treatment facilities.

Many plants run 16- to 20-hour daily production schedules with a sanitation shift during downtime. Quality improvement and worker safety programs are constantly reinforced by management. Strict quality programs are monitored by parent company representatives, who provide materials, training, and technical support to each plant in their system. Every facility has a modern testing laboratory with calibrated instrumentation to assure accurate quality test results. Many now have on-line instrumentation providing constant data logging of critical measurements.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

It is a well known fact that homemade food is always a healthier option for pets when compared to the market packed food. The increasing hazards to the health of the pets have made pet owners stick to containment of commercial pet food. The basic fundamentals of health for human beings are applicable for pets also.

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