Information Panel

The information panel typically is contiguous to and immediately to the right of the PDP as viewed by the consumer. It includes detailed information about a food product that helps the consumer make knowledgeable purchasing decisions. The mandatory information required on the information panel consists of (1) the ingredient list, (2) the nutrition facts, and (3) the manufacturer identity statement. At times, other information may be required, such as warning statements, a percent-juice declaration, and claims-related statements. Mandatory information may be displayed on the PDP instead of on the information panel.

Ingredient List. A list of the ingredients of a multi-ingredient product must be included on the food label, typically on the information panel.

Nutrition Facts Information. With the introduction of the NLEA, the format of nutrition information has become much more strictly defined. A number of nutrition facts layouts are available, and specific criteria dictate their use.

Manufacturer Identity Statement. The manufacturer identity statement tells the consumer the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. This information usually is placed on the information panel or on the PDP if there is no information panel.

Other Information. At times, additional statements may be required on the information panel, the PDP, or both. For example, if a PDP bears a comparative claim, such as "light" or "reduced," quantitative information comparing relevant nutrients in the product to those in a reference food must be included on the information panel or the PDP. Some products may require a warning statement, percentjuice declaration, or special handling instructions.

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