The ingredients for enteral nutritional products are selected following examination of attributes such as nutritional quality, safety for use, functional properties (eg, viscosity), and processing ease (eg, dispersibility in water). Following receipt of ingredients at the manufacturing facility, a rigid testing, storage, and handling program are used to assure ingredient quality. The testing program includes identity, microbiological and infestation testing, organoleptic testing, and nutritional potency. Storage conditions are carefully monitored to assure that extremes of temperature and moisture do not damage the ingredients.

Water quality in enteral nutritional processing is assured through use of treated potable water supplies and water quality monitoring programs.

Ingredients are added during the manufacturing process at various points dictated by factors such as manufacturing convenience and assurance of distribution of the ingredient into the product. For example, it is most convenient to add carbohydrate sources (eg, maltodextrins) to the water phase to assure dispersion. Incorporation of ingredients into the product varies from use of direct addition to use of pumps such as triblenders.

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