Inhome Storage

Most domestic refrigerators possess a frozen food storage compartment while many households also have a home freezer, capable not only of storing frozen foods but also of freezing food. In Europe, star-marked refrigerators are common, a classification system that indicates the temperature in the compartment. One star indicates - 12°C; two stars, — 15°C; and three stars (the most common), — 18°C under specified test conditions. These stars are repeated on the packaging of frozen foods, coupled with an indication of the maximum time the product should be stored according to the number of stars on the storage compartment. For the vast majority of products, the storage time is one week in a one-star, one month in a two-star, and three months in a three-star storage compartment. Home freezers carry three stars while some carry an additional star to denote that they are capable of freezing a substantial quantity of food without unduly elevating the temperature of the already frozen food. The commonest refrigerator-freezer in the United States permits adjustment of the thermostat and louvers that apportion the air from the evaporator between the two compartments so that the body of the refrigerator is maintained at 5°C and the freezer compartment at — 18°C under specified test conditions.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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