Interaction Between Brixacid Ratio And Limonin Content In Affecting Sensory Flavor Of Grapefruit Juice

There have been two studies showing that the Brix:acid ratio affects the perception of bitterness caused chiefly by limonin and naringin in grapefruit juice. Tatum et al. (35) studied seasonal effects on the flavor perception of limonin and naringin in grapefruit juice. Results from paired comparison taste panels led the authors to observe "when both naringin and limonin were higher and Brix:acid was higher, it was always judged least bitter." They concluded that the results suggest that "in many cases the Brix:acid ratio may be more important than naringin and limonin content in determining quality of grapefruit juice."

In the second study (Fellers and Carter, unpublished data), an experiment was done to determine the effect of

Table 2. Means and Comparison of Means for Selected Quality Attributes, as Evaluated by Consumers, of Grapefruit Juice Having Varying Limonin Contents


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