Inulinbased Products

Inulin is a naturally occurring polymer usually consisting of 17 to 30 anhydrofructose units and a terminal anhydro-glucose unit that replaces starch as the food reserve in many plants of the family Compositae, such as Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, salsify, cardoon elecampane, burdock, dahlia, and ti plants. The polymer chain length varies during the growing season and consequently, the glucose-fructose ratio of products of inulin hydrolysis is not constant (64). Although the Jerusalem artichoke is reported to produce tuber yields as high as 100 ton/hectare (65), present commercial sources of inulin are primarily obtained from chicory (66).

A number of processes have been described for the production of crystalline fructose and fructose-rich syrups from inulin-containing plant material (34,67-69). Most commercial crystalline fructose and fructose-rich syrups are produced by isomerization of glucose obtained from starch hydrolysis and enriched by chromatographic separation. Although some fructose is being produced from inulin, much of the inulin being recovered today is partially enzymatically hydrolyzed to make a range of nondigestible oligofructose ingredients that are finding food use as fat mimetics.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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