Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus [Syn. A. integrifolia or A. integral) belongs to the same family (Moraceae) as breadfruit. It is a native of India and is grown in almost every tropical area. The trees are very large, up to 70 ft tall, and bear the largest known fruit. The fruit is up to 4 ft long, 1 ft in diameter, and weighs up to 100 lb. It is a compound fruit developed from the entire female inflorescence, with a green coating covered with hexagonal spines. The pulp is composed of many fruits, each surrounding a large seed. The edible part is the red pulp surrounding the seeds, and it has a very sweet but rather insipid flavor. The pulp is consumed raw or as juice, jam, or jelly. The seeds are also edible after boiling or roasting. The immature fruit is consumed as a vegetable, either boiled or roasted.

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Berry Boosters

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