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Wiley encyclopedia of food science and technology.—2nd ed. / [edited by] Frederick J. Francis, p. cm.

Rev. ed. of: Encyclopedia of food science and technology / Y.H. Hui, editor-in-chief. cl992. Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 0-471-19285-6 (set: cloth : alk. paper).—ISBN 0-471-19255-4 (v. 1 : cloth : alk. paper).—ISBN 0-471-19256-2 (v. 2 : cloth : alk. paper).— ISBN 0-471-19257-0 (v. 3 : cloth : alk. paper).—ISBN 0-471-19258-9 (v. 4 : cloth : alk. paper)

1. Food industry and trade Encyclopedias. I. Francis, F. J. (Frederick John), 1921- . II. Encyclopedia of food science and technology. TP368.2.E62 2000

664'.003—dc21 99-29003

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Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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