Jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba or Z. mauritana, Chinese jujube, or Chinese date, of the family Rhamnaceae) are native to the Mediterranean area. The fruit is small, mealy, deep yellow, and borne in clusters. It is used in sweet pickles, stews, preserves, and confections. It is sometimes called lotus in Greek mythology, not to be confused with the sacred lotus, an aquatic plant, Nelumbo nucifera or Nel-umbian nuciferum, grown in India and China. In Homer's Odyssey, lotus probably refers to Z. jujuba, but it should be called a pseudocereal or pseudobeverage rather than a fruit (2).

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

Salvation For The Sleep Deprived The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping, Napping, Resting And  Restoring Your Energy. Of the many things that we do just instinctively and do not give much  of a thought to, sleep is probably the most prominent one. Most of us sleep only because we have to. We sleep because we cannot stay awake all 24 hours in the day.

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