Kiwi, also called kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis, of the family Actinidiaceae), was developed in New Zealand, where it was known as the Chinese gooseberry. This name did not lend itself to marketing, so the name was changed to Kiwi; it began to appear in U.S. stores in the 1980s. The fruit is oval, about 2 in. in length, with brown fuzzy skin, green flesh, and a refreshing, tart flavor. It is consumed fresh or made into jam, jelly, or wine. It is sometimes dried and used as a meat tenderizer. Kiwi grows on a vigorous, deciduous vine, and hardier types are finding favor in home gardens in the United States. The hardy kiwi, A. arguta, produces fruit about 1 in. in length, with a pleasant, tart, slightly phenolic flavor. The hardy kiwi requires both a male and a female plant for fruit production, but another cultivar, Issae, is self-fertile.

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