6 8 10 Treatment time (s)




100% molded on day 7

PureBrlght treated, sides only Mold detected on 8%, day 11 No further mold up to day 26

PureBright treated, sides and ends Mold detected on 4%, day 13 No further mold up to day 26

8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 Days after production

Figure 5. Extended shelf life of baked goods.

Cryptosporidium deactivation

Control Low-1 J/cm2 Medium-6 J/cm? High-12 J/cm; Uninfected

Figure 6. PureBright effect on Cryptosporidium.

106 107 Oocyst Density Treated with PureBright

Unlike other treatment methods, PureBright, at a relatively low level, has demonstrated efficient kill oi Cryptosporidium oocyts and viruses (Fig. 6).

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