The lemon (C. limon, of the family Rutaceae) is the most diversified and most widely grown of the citrus species. Worldwide production in 1992 was estimated at about 3.4 million metric tons (4), and the United States produced about 680,000 tons. The major product from lemons is juice, which is produced in a manner similar to orange and grapefruit juice. Lemon oil from the peels is considered to be superior as a flavoring agent to the other citrus oils because of its high content of aldehydes. The prominent aldehyde is citral, which is a mixture of nerol and geraniol, as compared with the decanol of oranges and the nootka-tone of grapefruit. Lemon oil is highly prized as a flavorant for many juice drinks and other food products as well a fragrance for cosmetics.

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