Limonin Content Of Grapefruit Juice

Results of studies in which limonin levels in fresh grapefruit juice are reported follow. In an early study, Scott (15) found from 1 to 5 /¿g/mL limonin in juice from Marsh and Duncan grapefruit harvested in Florida at maturity during the 1967,1969, and 1970 seasons; a TLC method was used. Mansell and Mcintosh (33), using the RIA method, reported limonin contents of fresh grapefruit juice samples derived from Marsh, Duncan, and Ruby Red cultivars harvested from mid-December 1979 to early March 1980 and juiced at three state test houses in Florida. A mean limonin content of 6.76 /¿g/mL was found for 1058 samples analyzed, with a range of 1.35 to 13.8.

Ting and McAllister (4), using HPLC, determined the limonin contents for 156 samples of Florida-packed, canned grapefruit juice obtained from U.S. supermarkets. The overall mean was 5.6/¿g/mL with a range of 1.5 to 10.9. Dougherty and Fisher (34) reported limonin contents (HPLC) for canned single-strength grapefruit juices obtained from surveys of Florida production during two seasons. For the 1975-1976 season the overall mean for 117 samples was 3.0 /¿g/mL, range 0.3 to 7.4. For the 19761977 season the overall mean for 99 samples was 4.7 fig/ mL, range 0.6 to 12.8. Results by EIA for the 1985-1986 (87 samples) and 1986-1987 (61 samples) seasons showed means and ranges of 9.4 /¿g/mL, 2.8 to 18.9 and 9.4/¿g/mL, 2.8 to 16.6, respectively (Barros, unpublished data). Grapefruit juice values in more recent years have shown this same type of variation for limonin content.

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